Gender: Male

Age: 23

Ethnicity: White British

Problem(s) Presented: Emotional abuse by father, sexual abuse by brother’s friend, bullied at school, depression, alcoholism, and breakdown. Met husband in rehabilitation, (he has many problems). Lack of confidence in many areas. Not feeling good enough.

Number of Sessions: 26 Sessions

Outcome (s): He came to NCS with mixed expectations, having had counselling in various places before and felt that it had a limited effect. However, from very early on in my counselling relationship he felt comfortable and able to disclose and discuss things that he would not ordinarily have the space to do in ordinary life.

As a man in a culture where, any sign of emotion is considered weakness; it was difficult for him to be open and honest with how he feels, this left him feeling stressed and alone for long periods of his early life. NCS changed his perception of emotional honesty and helped him to develop a sense of self-belief and worth that was not easy to uncover but had been a worthwhile experience that has grounded him and made him feel more rounded as a person.

He said counselling is a vitally important service, one which needs to have the perceived stigma removed within the male communities in the UK as a whole. All his problems were handled with sensitivity and care that allowed him to explore his feelings and retain a sense of balance. He would implore anyone who is struggling to seek out help, especially from NCS as service cares from top to bottom.