Bishop Tony Porter

Bishop Tony Porter, Bishop of Sherwood, has been a vital member of the community in Nottingham since 2006 when he became the first Bishop of Sherwood to live in Nottingham. His dedication to the community is shown through his work, including his position as the Archbishops' Sports Ambassador. His love for Nottingham - particularly the marginalised and excluded - has led him to become a Patron for the Nottingham Counselling Service, supporting the vital work carried out by our Charity.

Paddy Tipping

Former MP Paddy Tipping was re-elected for a second term as Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner in 2016.  He has prioritised work in support of vulnerable members of society such as victims of hate crime, domestic abuse, serious sexual violence and historic child abuse to help them recover from their experience, appreciating that everybody has different needs.  His work to ensure that people in mental health crisis receive appropriate care, not custody, was pivotal to the progressive changes witnessed over the last five years. 

 Here's what he has to say about supporting NCS:

“Sometimes people need help to get through their darkest times, so that they can heal and move on with their lives.  Counselling is often invaluable, giving people the strength and insight to find their own solutions.  I’m proud to be a Patron.”