Whether it’s due to problems in your personal, home, or work life, everyone at one time or another needs support and for someone to listen.

Nottingham Counselling Service is here to provide just that – a supportive, confidential, and professional counselling service for adults 16 and over right on your doorstep in the city of Nottingham.

Our individual counselling services are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

You can make an appointment for counselling by calling our admin team on 01159501743

Apply for counselling

What next?

Once you have applied, our admin team will contact you and you will be asked to fill in a biographical questionnaire. You will then be invited in to be assessed by one of our counsellors who will work with you to establish what it is that you want from counselling and to establish some goals.

After the assessment is complete you will be contacted again once you have been assigned to a counsellor. We will  contact you to arrange your first session. The therapy is one to one sessions and run for one 50 minute weekly. Your sessions will continue for as long as you and your counsellor feel they are beneficial to you and you are not limited in how long you use our services.

While waiting times to see an assessor and to meet your counsellor can fluctuate depending on demand, you should expect a few weeks between each point of contact. If you have any questions in this period, feel free to contact our admin team on 01159501743

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