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Individual counselling

Whether it’s due to problems in your personal, home, or work life, everyone at one time or another needs support and for someone to listen.

Employer Assistance Programme

Stress, anxiety and depression are some of the main causes of long-term absence from work and over 91 million working days are lost due to mental ill health.

Couples counselling

At Nottingham Counselling Service, we understand that relationships can become difficult. We are here to help.

“My counsellor was very nice and understanding. She picked up on so much about me and it made me feel very safe and comfortable. I feel like I have had a taste of what’s to come and look forward to talking to a counsellor and moving forward with my life”.
"My initial assessment was not too overwhelming, it felt light and informal which immediately put my anxieties at ease."
“I found it very helpful to be able to talk and not be judged, or worried what their reaction would be with what I had said and not having to hold back.”

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Family Counselling

More and more parents are finding there is nowhere to go to seek help for their loved ones or themselves. Nottingham counselling services wants to provide you with safe space with trained and qualified experts to ease these very difficult times. People need to be able to share and work through troubled times, you don't have to be alone and there is not judgement or blame. We are here to help!


Author: Adriane Anthony Mina

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