Group therapy is an alternative to individual therapy which provides you with a safe and consistent space in which to explore yourself and connect with other people.

Recognising that our experiences and feelings develop socially, group therapy offers a safe space in which to explore your difficulties with others, gaining wider perspectives and discovering new possibilities for old problems.  Group therapy offers the scope to develop deep insights, with the aim of feeling more whole. You may find the prospect of being in a group daunting, and group therapy allows you the space to adjust and settle at your own pace. Over time a therapy group can offer new opportunities for developing trust, insight, and sometimes for enjoying playfulness.

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Group therapy can be effective for a wide range of problems. It is often helpful in overcoming difficult experiences from the past, which you may find still affect your sense of identity and current relationships. In group therapy, it is possible to tackle underlying feelings that can give rise to unhelpful thoughts, behaviours, and patterns. One of the key factors in gaining from group therapy is a curiosity and willingness to explore yourself.

The therapy group consists of up to eight people who meet with the therapist for an hour and a half each week. The therapist plays an important role in overseeing safety in the group, as this is the basis upon which members of the group can build trust and talk openly. There is a membership contribution of £30 a month, payable at the start of the month.

You and all other group members will be asked to sign a group therapy agreement to help create the safety which all group members need, so as to work effectively.

You can apply for group therapy below. Please be aware that we are committed to offering you the most suitable and effective therapy, and we may also consider group therapy with you when you apply for individual therapy. After you have applied, you will be sent a confidential questionnaire to fill out. Once you have completed this and sent it back, you will be invited in for an individual assessment meeting with the group therapist to consider whether a group is right for you. You will continue to meet with the group therapist from time to time before joining the group, to help you prepare and to get the most from the experience.


About the group psychotherapist:

Jo Solomon is an integrative counsellor and is accredited and registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). She has been practising since 1996, working with adults, children, and young people. Jo has a particular interest in the therapeutic value of groups and is qualified as a Groupwork Practitioner through the Institute of Group Analysis. She is currently engaged in further professional training, leading to registration as a Group Analyst. Jo has been connected with NCS since 1994, initially training and working as a volunteer counsellor and more recently working as part of the Clinical Supervision Team.