NCS is a registered charity and we do not currently receive any grant funding to provide our services. The organisation is committed to offering Quality Accredited Counselling services people can trust. Dedicated to getting your life back on track and for as long as you need our support.

We do ask clients to pay a contribution towards the cost of running the organisation and counselling services. This takes the form of a weekly payment each time you attend your session. We are reliant on this financial support to retain a workforce of around 50 non-paid experience counsellors. This keeps the charity running accredited quality counselling service which enable us to continue serving the local community.

The contribution you make to the charity is designed to take account of your personal income and personal circumstances. The actual level of contribution will be decided with you at the initial assessment or when you start having ongoing sessions. The table below gives a guideline to help you decide on a fair weekly donation to support NCS.

Once you have decided on the amount of your donation, we ask that you make this every week, even if you have to cancel your session. This donation will help the charity to plan its services and budget for running the organisation. We also ask that you make this donation to your assessment session.

The counselling you receive is not connected in any way to the amount of donation made. We understand that not everyone can afford to make the same donation as personal circumstances vary greatly.

Please note that it costs NCS approximately £35 per session to deliver a session of counselling. The local market rates for private counselling and therapy are around £30 to £80 per session. 

We always welcome one-off donations and it might be that after you have finished your counselling with NCS you may consider making an additional donation, especially if your experience here has helped you improve your life.  You might also be interested in helping NCS through fundraising for us. 

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, we will ask you to fill out a Gift Aid declaration form. To find out more click here

Individual Counselling

Income per year Contribution per session
Under £12,000 £18
£12,001 - £16,000 £25
£16,001 - £20,000 £36
£20,001 - £25,000 £40
£25,001 - £30,000 £45
£30,001 - £40,000 £50
Over £40,000 £58

Individual Assessment

Income per year Assessment contribution
under £12,000 £20
£12,001 - £16,000 £35
£16,001 - £20,000 £40
£20,001- £25,000 £45
£25,001 - £30,000 £55
£30,001 - £40,000 £60
Over £40,000 £65

Couples Assessment 

£70  one off payment

Couples Counselling

£60 per session

Family Assessment 

£70  one off payment

Family Counselling

£60 per session