Gender: Female

Age: 35

Ethnicity: Indian

Problem(s) Presented: This client presented with feelings of isolation and of being lonely. The client was struggling to continue to work and had difficulty entering the building to her place of work. She felt more like running away than beginning her working day. This gave her concerns for her mental health and at the beginning of therapy she felt very fragile.

Number of Sessions: 6 Sessions

Therapy Approach: This client’s main concerns were of family issues. She was from what she described as a very good Indian family with strong values and a strong sense of their Indian culture. She herself felt that she was caught between two cultures as she held some western views and liked to wear western clothes.

Some of the client’s distress came from a feeling of a lack of power in making her own decision and of being controlled. The background to this was explored and the client through therapy began to feel empowered in order to start to make her own decisions. She was also able to discuss her concerns with her family. It was hoped by her family that she would marry soon which was of huge concern to the client as she felt far too young to marry as she wanted to work and have a career. It took courage to address these issues with her family but this enabled the client to feel as though she was taking control of her life.

Outcome(s): Through therapy this client felt able to reach out to her work colleagues and to communicate better with them thereby alleviating her loneliness and isolation. Through being valued by her therapist this client began to value herself and to realise the potential in her own life.