Gender: Male

Age: 46

Ethnicity: White British

Problem(s) Presented: Interpersonal/Relationships, anxiety/stress, depression and low self-esteem

Number of Sessions: 39 Sessions

Experience: Before coming to NCS this Client had been suffering with anxiety and depression since the age of 18, and when he came to NCS he was in a bout of illness which caused him to be deeply distressed and suffering with a social phobia which made it impossible for him to interact with others.

Through working with his counsellor, he came to understand the causes of his anxiety and depression lay deeply rooted in his early experience, making it possible for me to take responsibility for his own future and reclaim parts of his lost personality

Outcome(s): With his counsellors’ help, he began to develop some coping strategies. He believes he will be able to reserve the process and lead a more peaceful and happy life. Since that time, he has found a highly fulfilling job, and am working on a major painting and sculpture exhibition for which he had received a grant of £10,000!