Gender: Female

Age: 39

Ethnicity: White British

Problem(s) Presented: Low self-esteem, lacking confidence and anxiety

Number of Sessions: 51 Sessions (ongoing)

Clients Story: At the point of emailing NCS for help was functioning with that brave smile upon her face but if you were to peel that smile off she was hurting inside. At home, she knew that she was loved but was really struggling with her confidence. She had begun to question everything she did and thought, “Why I am not asked about that?”, “Am I not good at what I do?” She was feeling as if she was not popular, not good at anything even though she was trying her best, that everyone was better than her. Low self-esteem, lacking confidence and anxiety was something she had struggled with since a child so she brought baggage with me to my first session at NCS.

On her first session with the therapist, she felt that her voice was being heard and that it would continue to be heard in a safe, non-judgemental place. After a few sessions, she was already seeing an impact as she began to see and hear, to look out and around. She could see and hear what was being said to me on a daily and weekly basis. She began to see the smiles people gave me, the nods she was given. She heard the praise. She heard the kind words! She began to grow!

Outcome(s): Reflecting on the past twelve months she really and truly cannot believe the journey she has been on with the amazing support and guidance of NCS. She has continued growing. And, yes it has been an eventful journey and she has hit some huge rocks on the way but it is a journey she wants to stay on as she has more work to do.