Marking the start of Small Charities Week on 18th June 2018, Lloyds Bank Foundation has launched its latest research report: ‘The Value of Small’, which looks at the distinctive nature of small and medium charities.

The Value of Small

“Independent research, launched today, reveals that when tackling social issues like homelessness, domestic abuse or mental ill health, smaller charities have a distinctive impact. They also generate benefits through spending and investing more in local areas; with one charity generating £3.25 in value through volunteers per pound of funding, and others generating as much as three times more in additional funding than their public funding.

The research highlights the significant challenges facing smaller charities despite their clear benefits for people and communities. There is a critical mismatch between what smaller charities do and the people they help – which public bodies should find attractive - and how public bodies actually fund, commission and contract services and measure value, which instead favours larger providers. As a result, 84% of local government funding is actually going to larger charities.”

In Lloyds Bank Foundation’s new strategy, Reaching Further, they have committed to partnering with small and local charities to help people overcome complex social issues and rebuild their lives over the next five years.

Read the full report here.

Nottingham Counselling Service - Small but Vital

This video from 2012 underlines some of the struggles faced by Nottingham Counselling Service in terms of cuts to public funding. Thanks to investment from entities such as Lloyds Bank Foundation we have come a long way from the position we were in 6 years ago but still rely heavily on private funding to allow us to continue providing our vital services to the community.