1 in 4 people need a listening ear right now.

You can make sure they don't go unheard.

The number of people who self-harm or have suicidal thoughts is increasing.The NHS Talking Therapies services (IAPT) is bursting at the seams. With waiting times of in excess of average 18 weeks for Adults and one year for Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and cut off point of 6-10 sessions. Many people in desperate need of support cannot access it.

Help us catch them before they fall.

By donating today you will join us to fulfil our promise to ensure more people living in your community can get help early on before it's too late.

Our commitment to diversity and accessibility makes us one of the most successful counselling services in Nottingham, your investment into the community will ensure that that the mental health statistics we see every day do not go ignored.

Support us to serve the community and change lives through meaningful therapy.

A one-off £25 donation pay for 1 hour of counselling for someone who suffered child abuse

A £100 donation pay for 1 month counselling for someone in Nottinghamshire living with anxiety and depression.

Any continued donation would make a huge difference to our day to day running, allowing us to be more accessible to those who need our service most.