NCS is now able to offer two options to our clients attending weekly counselling/psychotherapy treatment.

Open ended - Long term counselling/therapy.

In this case you would be matched with a counsellor and there is no time limit placed on how long the therapy will be for. You would plan an ending with your counsellor when it feels appropriate.

Time limited counselling/therapy, up to 12 weeks.

In this case you would be matched with a counsellor to work together between 8-12 weeks, you and your counsellor will decide between the two of you how many sessions would be suitable. Time limited counselling is containing, holding and a more solution focused way of working, which is offered once, as a stand-alone piece of work.

Many people find this useful enough to be all that they need. However, if you do then feel you'd benefit from long term therapy, you're welcome to join the end of the long-term waiting list within 6 months of your time limited counselling coming to an end. If you decide to join the long-term waiting list beyond 6 months, you will be reassessed at the full fee.

The different options and waiting list times can be discussed at your initial assessment appointment to decide which could be the most appropriate for you.