As a local service, our counsellors and therapists are at the very heart of the work that we do, so we thought it was really important that our followers could get to know a little bit more about the dedicated team of people that provide our vital services.

Each week we will ask the team a different question – to get your questions answered, send a tweet to @NCSCounselling, using the hashtag #AskACounsellor or comment your question below.

This week’s question…

“What inspired you to become a counsellor?”

Here’s what they said:


“Having counselling myself, and I enjoyed supporting people. Young women, in particular.”

“I wanted to contribute to people around me. I have always wanted to do it…”

“Being fascinated by people”

“I did voluntary work as a Samaritan for 2 years, which gave me the idea for counselling”


“I have always been interested in psychology and decided on a career change in my 40s – I wanted to work 1:1 in a counselling situation”.

All of our therapists have received their own personal therapy as part of their course requirements and, as you can see, many have sought counselling in the past to deal with their own mental health issues. We have been in the position of our clients and we understand how it feels to reach out to a professional for support.

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