Welcome back to our #AskACounsellor series!

As we have reached the penultimate post in the series, this is your last chance to get any questions in that you would like answering – as always, you can either comment anonymously below or tweet us at @NCSCounselling using the hashtag #AskACounsellor.

This week, we asked our counsellors:

What do you enjoy most about being a counsellor?

Here’s what they said…

Others said:

"The incredible learning that takes place in the consulting room."

"It is enormously rewarding and a real privilege that clients can feel safe enough to explore their feelings, thoughts and fears."

"Supporting others who ask for help, as well as being able to work at great depth with people."

It's clear that all of our counsellors are passionate about and inspired by the work that they do with our diverse range of clients. 

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