Thank you for visiting my fundraising page, I really appreciate it. 
I am training to complete the Nottingham Outlaw Triathlon. This is an iron-distance triathlon consisting of a 2.4 mile (3.8km) swim, 112 mile (180km) cycle, and a 26.2 mile (42.2km) run. This will be a once only thing for me and a huge challenge. I've volunteered for many years at the Nottingham Outlaw, handing out food, drinks and encouragement to those taking part and have been inspired and moved every time.
I am 50 in August, so it felt like a 'now or never' moment to train and give it a go. I have never completed anything of this magnitude, let alone in one day! But I hope to do myself and my family proud by working hard to prepare myself for it and hopefully complete it on the day.
I thought long and hard about a charity to support. Challenging myself physically and exercising regularly makes me feel good, but it also helps my mental health and wellbeing. I believe we should all look after our mental health in whatever way works for us, but I do know that talking is invaluable. Sometimes talking to someone who is not related to us, or close to us, can make a huge difference. An independent ear, one without judgement. Counselling can provide that independent ear, and the professional expertise to help those in need of support. However, NHS waiting lists are long and private counselling can be expensive.
1 in 4 of us need a listening ear right now. With NHS waiting times in excess of 18 weeks for adults and one year for Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS), and a cut-off point of 10 sessions, many people in desperate need of support simply cannot access it.
Nottingham Counselling Service (NCS) is based in the city of Nottingham and was established in 1977. They believe that good mental wellbeing should not be restricted by circumstance or background. They promote emotional health and wellbeing through inclusive and accessible counselling at a cost that reflects the economic circumstance of the client.
NCS receive no government funding. Every donation, no matter the size, enables them to provide affordable long-term counselling which is open to all regardless of background or circumstances.
£25 could pay for 1 hour of counselling for someone in Nottinghamshire living with anxiety.
£50 could pay for an Assessment for someone in Nottinghamshire living with anxiety.
£100 could pay for 1 month of counselling for someone who suffered child abuse.
Thank you again for reading. Your donations will help me keep pedalling, swimming and running and will go to this worthy local cause.
Ginny x
Ginny Birney