I want to start by saying a massive thank you for taking the time to press on my link!

So, on Sunday the 24th September, I am going to be running the Robin Hood full marathon and it is fair to say that I am just a tad scared right now! However not long ago, signing up to the marathon seemed like a great idea! It gave me the motivation to go running on a regular basis and have a new goal to aim towards.

For a long time, I have also wanted to do an event in memory of my Mum and for me, this seemed fitting. This is because much like living with mental illness, training for a marathon has been tough. There have been setbacks, as well as many moments of panic and pain! Through learning what works for me, the right support and persistent hard work I can only hope that it all pays off on the day.
It has been a battle to stay positive and confident in the knowledge that my body and mind are capable of doing this! This time last year, I struggled to run to catch the bus, I nearly broke my ankle when walking off a step and my idea of cardio was a brisk walk! So, it's fair to say things have changed quite a bit in the last three months!

After losing my Mum to suicide, it's fair to say I spiralled into a deep depression. For a long time I know I had been suffering from anxiety and depression but I guess I had always struggled to swallow my pride and ask for help. I thought this was a sign of weakness and also that my problems were not big enough to need help from someone else. It's only when I finally sought help from the Nottingham Counselling Service that I realised it was probably the most courageous thing I had done to date. It wasn't easy sharing my deepest thoughts and feelings with a stranger but as time went on I really appreciated the support from my counsellor. I knew it was helping me to move forward with my life hence why I think services like this are so important.  It gave me the chance to find my love for life, for myself and for other people again. It gave me the space to talk in a confidential and safe environment, a place to work through difficult memories and thoughts and create a new life for myself. This is an organisation which allows anyone in Nottingham to go to counselling on a weekly basis for as long as they need. They have the chance to be matched with a counsellor suited to their needs and are not expected to pay a huge amount to have the sessions. The time I had at counselling was life changing, by raising awareness and a small donation we can help other people change their lives for the better too.

And in that very British way we do,  I can only thank you all yet again for taking the time to read this and thanks if you decide that you want to support the cause!

Eppe Coe